Hey there. Haven’t written in a while. Right around the time that I sold the painting, some family stuff came up. I realized again that there are going to be people out there who are not mentally capable of taking care of you in the way you would hope they would. They just don’t have it in them. And although I don’t hold it against them, I surely know that at any juncture in my life I don’t accept being treated badly. It’s sad really because I have so many good people in my life that respect me and know that I bring a lot of good to their lives. It’s sad that people can be the furthest away from present that they could miss something beautiful when they (don’t) see it.

To the people that need support:

There are going to be people who don’t understand you. Who have no idea where you’ve come from or what your story is. And when you tell them, sometimes they won’t care. We hope that they do, but the truth is, they might not and that’s the risk we take when we tell people our story. They either get it or they don’t. They either want to know or they don’t. And sometimes they are inspired. And sometimes they shut down.

I call these people “baby souls”. They are usually people that have a lot of growing up to do on many levels. This is usually mentally, emotionally, and sometimes, most of the time, spiritually. They might not have any idea that they need to grow up and when you encounter a person like this you just have to step back, reach inward and suss out 1) how vulnerable are you willing to be with people who you aren’t totally 100% sure love you for who you are and 2) what intuitive feelings did you get before you tried to connect? Were there any? If so, what were they? Good feelings? Bad feelings? Hopeful? Uncertain?

If you make the mistake and misjudge people for being capable of being a support system in your life, just go back in, find your strength, and continue focusing on being who you are.

Not sure if someone is capable of being a support system?
Try talking about small things that matter to you (involving feelings or anything that may seem “vulnerable” to you) to see if how they take it.

If their reactions towards you:

– don’t feel good

– seem dismissive

– are attacking

– you do not feel like you can talk to them about anything

– you feel boxed in

– you don’t feel better

they may not be comfortable with themselves as a person so it’s best not to seek help or support from them.

If their reactions towards you:

– feel good

– you feel open and lighter when you talk to them

– you feel like you could talk to them again at a later time

– you feel free

– you feel better

this is the kind of person you can start to build a relationship with over time to be a support system in your life

Find your “people”. They are out there.