Finishing Cleaning Up My Parents Belongings & My Video with Christina Rasmussen’s 30 Days of Hope Project

I just finished 4 years of cleanup of my parents belongings on the day my dad died (Oct 14th, which was Monday). The 15th was my birthday, and this was absolutely the hardest and best birthday of my life. On top of all this beauty, Christina Rasmussen invited me to be a part of her "30 Days of Hope" project. I am honored to be a part of this and to share my knowledge and understanding on how one can truly move forward after the death of their parents, at any age. Please watch and share this video with anyone who needs it.

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A free book for you – “The Last Words Ever Spoken”

This is a totally free digital book that inspire you to think outside the box. Inspired by the death of both her parents during her 20's, this book is dedicated to: "... unborn children, those who have had pain, those who have lost a parent or two, this book's for you. Dear you, who wants to rise above. Who wants to learn from your life experiences. Who wants to live another day and live it in joy. This book's for you. Dear those who wonder what comes after this life. Who has ever wondered what kind of things my parents told me before they died or what the last words they ever spoke were, this book is for you. Dear me, These have been great life lessons. Here's to the many more xo Lisa"

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