Is your mother on a pedestal?

Last night while cleaning more of my parents boxes, I found a letter my mom wrote "to me". It was really one of those venting notes you should probably throw away after you're writing it so that when you die no one finds it, lol.

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The Real Truth About Death

Many people only believe in things they can touch, smell, see, taste or hear. The fact that you can't see radio waves but you know they are there, doesn't that make you question things like, is there life after death?

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Starlight Express – Are you real, yes or no?

I woke up wanting to hear music from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway Musical, Starlight Express, a show we saw as a family in New York back in the late 80's. I often feel cheated of a relationship with my parents. I find music, like this song, to be a good connector. I'm thinking about my dad specifically today.

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