A family visit to my dad’s grave

My uncle's brother died this week. His name to me was always "Uncle Neal" even though we were not related by blood. I received a text this am asking me where my dad was buried and realized that today must be Uncle Neal's funeral. It seems he is being buried in the same Jewish cemetery [...]

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BOOK REVIEW “Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive” by Allison Gilbert

Five years ago, I was on a serious hunt to find people who had also lost both of their parents. I started my blog, and soon after, learned about Allison Gilbert. I bought her book Parentless Parents and Always Too Soon on the same day and when I did, I immediately knew I wasn't alone [...]

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Can you help me help *you*? Take this 2 minute grief workshop survey.

Have you lost a parent or two? YOUR OPINION IS NEEDED! Can you take 2 minutes or less to fill this out and give me your thoughts?   I'm working on a workshop series for you and I'm trying to make some decisions about how I can help folks in the best way possible. Here's [...]

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Podcast Episode #042: How to Make Friends as an Adult

We'll talk about how to make friends as an adult, including where you can find like-minded people, social skills you can practice and bring to the table, and how to get over the awkward humps while friendship building.

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