What do you do for father’s day when you don’t have a dad? I’m still figuring that out.

Seeing as how mother’s day this year was really challenging, I thought I would start some preparation work on what I am going to do on father’s day and the day’s before. No dad. No grandfather on either side. I’m starting to hear and see things father’s day advertisements and I know that I don’t really want to hear them. It’s not that I don’t accept that there is a father’s day, I just don’t want it thrown in my face right now.

Last week I heard an ad on the radio and I just turned the volume down.

The other day I saw a commercial and I muted the TV.

And today, a web ad for father’s day gifts. No matter where you go, they will creep up! I guess I am learning that as of this moment the idea still makes me uncomfortable a bit. I will be 7 years in October since my dad transitioned.

This could be an opportunity to solute the father figures in my life. I think that would be Jeff and Gary. I could pay tribute to them in some way… perhaps my Uncle Gene?

I could also go away that Sunday somewhere. I could go away for the weekend, but Trenton Art Works is throwing their ART ALL NIGHT bash and I’ll be damned if I miss that.

Perhaps I could find a way to connect with him.

This will be my girlfriend’s first father’s day without her dad. We’ve started a dialogue about what we might do for father’s day, since we are now both in this boat.

What are you doing to prepare?