Listening to the radio, I’m noticing that those mother’s day commercials I was talking about are starting to stir. This just happened a moment ago, when the station was offering mother’s day gift ideas and I didn’t know it was coming so my heart just dropped into my stomach. I realize that no matter what, the word “mother” now has this incredible sting to it. It’s not the same as it used to be. In order to not have that sting in your heart effect, is it possible that the word mother could be de-energiezed? How does one de-energize a word? Good question.

Thinking about mother as not only my mother but other mother’s in my life. I am not a mother yet (well, we have cats but that’s a totally different kind of mother… I guess that could count, right?). Grandmother? I don’t have one of those, but I do have other women in my life that I look up to. I want to try and associated mother’s day not only with my mother, but as a general celebration of women you can look up to who are great mothering people.

Could we start to visualize the word mother and other people’s names and faces associated with that word? This takes practice, but could be helpful.

Even if you don’t feel positive about mother’s day, you could start to to associate positive things with mothers day. This is when the planning comes into play.

I could do something fantastic for myself that makes me look forward to that day in some way… Maybe I go on a trip? Buy myself something awesome? Spend time with someone I love? Do something I never do? I’m wondering if I could plan a mini adventure for myself on this day. Perhaps it’s a good day to climb a wall? I keep coming back to the idea of a zip line…  A day at a massage parlor? Now I’m actually starting to get excited about the idea of doing something fun and fabulous on this day. Positive associations are what’s going to get me through days like this…

What ideas can you come up with to take the sting away?