Just got an email from Apple with something about giving your mom an iPad for mothers day. I just deleted it immediately. Don’t need it. Don’t want it.

Step 4) Be aware of commercials!

You may start to see commercials on TV or on the radio, in your email box or in stores. At this point I’m not really willing to put myself through unnecessary pain so in this juncture if I can save myself from pain, I will do just that.

Emails? I delete.

Radio? I turn it off.

TV? I mute or change the channel.

Advertisement elsewhere? Divert/distract.

You may be able to put this mother’s day energy in to all you other relatives and friends that are mothers. Maybe you keep the email. Maybe you keep the radio on and don’t mute the TV. Maybe you buy your aunt, cousin, friend, mother-in-law that thing you wanted to give your mom. Maybe you don’t. It’s all up to you and you don’t owe anyone anything, so don’t feel bad if you don’t feel like celebrating mother’s day… Just keep thinking about how you can make this day positive for yourself.