Oz the Great and Powerful China Doll


Do *not* read if you have not yet seen Oz the Great and Powerful !!

It’s not too much of a spoiler… but seriously if you don’t like even a teensey weensey spoiler, do not read on.








Okay… Here were are. If you have seen this movie or you are just so curious you could hardly stand it at all… Here’s what I am dying to share with you:

I just saw this movie in 3D and took me until the last 2 minutes to realize how much I identified with this little china doll and how much she represents so much in all of us who have lost our families. We meet her towards the beginning, where Oz and the monkey decide to walk through Chinatown, which has been demolished by the wicked witch’s flying baboons. Large porcelain tea pots where dolls once lived turned upside down and smashed into pieces. We are witnessing the destruction and the emotion of the loss when we hear the sound of a girl crying, which echoes down the yellow brick road. Oz and the monkey find a broken china doll hiding behind a table who’s legs were separated from her body during the scuffle.

She’s suffering, thinking she will never walk again until Oz fixes her with “magic in a bottle” (a little bit of glue). She second guesses her self after Oz puts her legs back on and he encourages her to walk to him. She is happy, thankful, and now stronger than before. She is also still the fragile, china girl and yet completely determined to find her bravery.

:: insert rest of the movie here ::

Fast forward to the end, Oz gives everyone in the troop gifts, and leaves China Doll for last. He doesn’t give her anything because he says “you get all of us” –> a new family. It was in this moment I realized that I was like the china doll; fragile, struggling at times, determined to move forward, attempting at all corners of my own yellow brick road to be brave and finally, finding and creating new family everywhere I go. That’s what we all have to do. Be a China Doll.

Which way do you want to go?

Oz the Great and Powerful China Doll Yellow Brick Roac