I’ve thought long, but it wasn’t hard. Can’t sleep until I post this free link to the book. It’s really meant to be that way. Here’s a look into my psyche: Download PDF

It’s a scan of the book that’s now a part of the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project. It’s really about thoughts and little pieces of information I’ve collected about living life and how death effected it, and tried to state simply so that these lessons could never be forgotten.

I really had to push myself to draw, because it was out of my comfort zone. That’s part of why that project exists; to get you out of your comfort zone, artistically, and give you a place to experiment. I’ve been painting recently and have become more comfortable with that. Very different from my web design world, where it’s not very emotional. Art, for me, is the complete opposite; it’s all about emotion. And for someone who gets stuck emotionally, it’s a very, very good thing.


“The Last Words Ever Spoken” A free book for you.

19 Pages, PDF


Free, Web Friendly PDF (2.7 MB) Download PDF
Free, Print Friendly PDF (32.1 MB) Download PDF


About the Book:

“Dear unborn children, those who have had pain, those who have lost a parent or two, this book’s for you. Dear you, who wants to rise above. Who wants to learn from your life experiences. Who wants to live another day and live it in joy. This book’s for you. Dear those who wonder what comes after this life. Who has ever wondered what kind of things my parents told me before they died or what the last words they ever spoke were, this book is for you. Dear me, These have been great life lessons. Here’s to the many more xo Lisa”

Read it alone, or share it with a friend. I think it’s possible you may have experienced something in here and maybe we’ll have a common thread…