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If you’ve read my first post in this Mother’s Day 2013 series, you would have read about giving yourself or your mother the gift of forgiveness… either something you or your mother did, didn’t do, said or didn’t say.

When we’re mad at someone or holding a grudge against someone or something that happened, we think that the other person is drinking the poison of that experience but it’s really you who is drinking the poison. I believe we are freed from many of our earthly burdens when we leave the body… but the ones left here on earth still have to deal with some of life’s difficulties, like feelings that remain floating around WAY after someone has passed on.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself and your mother the gift of healing this month. Decide this is the month that you begin your healing journey or you move on to the next phase of it. Remove 1 piece of guilt totally, utterly and completely from your life. Release yourself of the burdens it brings and move forward with new found freedom.

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