Hi Everyone!

I’ve been settling into my new life in Portland, OR and have been thinking about all of you… I’ve done so much work in my life to move forward that sometimes I find it hard to write about my parent stuff… but I know it’s still necessary.

The pains of losing both of my parents have been taken down many notches, as I have really tried to find ways of living life so that I can be happy and so far it’s going very well! I feel very happy in my new life here. I bought a house with my fiance, Catherine, and am enjoying being a first time home owner! Starting fresh is going well so far.

I’m writing you today because I know mother’s day is coming up, I started hearing spotify ads for it and seeing signs in the grocery store. There’s no taking away the pain of not having your mama this year… but here’s a list of things that might inspire you to help yourself have a better day emotionally. See if you can take some ideas from this list and apply this to your own prep work this week as mother’s day rounds the bend:

– plan some things on mother’s day that will be positive for you. Some ideas I have: sleep late, go for a hike, hang out with friends, get a massage, paint, write, do something you’ve always wanted to do in honor of her, use money she gave you or sell something you no longer need and go do something she always wanted to do, call a friend who’s been a mother figure in your life or someone you admire

– send cards to other mother figures

– send cards to someone who has lost a daughter or son

– volunteer with an organization for people who are lonely, perhaps a homeless shelter

– do something with an old photo of your mom and you that’s been lying around (physical boxes or “dig through” old facebook or computer files)

– write a list of things in your life you are thankful for

– write your mom a poem! Dedicate a poem to your mom on facebook, with hashtag #odetomymama . I’m thinking a Haiku or a Limerick could be fun.  How much you love and miss her, all the cool things you did together… I’ll try to write one myself. If you write a poem on facebook and tag it with #odetomymama . Or anything you want. Totally open.

I might have some more ideas along the way. Try a few of these on. Would love some feedback and any other ideas you have.

Sending you love this week,