rainbow-bridgeI was invited to try on a few things from Everlasting Memories, an online store that provides cremation urns and jewelry to remember loved ones and pets. With my beloved lion king, Bastian recently passed away, these gifts seemed fitting and timely.

I’d been wondering since the day we got his ashes what in the world I would do with them. I had never before had to deal with a person or animal being cremated. Until then, they sat in the Rainbow Bridge bag, inside of a paper bag next to the cremation receipt.

Lisa & Bastian

Photo of me and Bastian used for the necklace

I began to wonder after his transition if I would keep a picture of him around or if it would make me too sad. I was happy to learn that Everlast offered necklaces where they engrave a photo right into the metal! I considered getting one of their cremation necklaces, which I think is a really beautiful thing, but I could not bare to separate any of his ashes… and honestly wasn’t really ready to even look at them, so I opted for the photo engraved necklace.

Everylasting Memories NecklaceI was impressed with how quickly it arrived, it was almost like I had chosen it and then suddenly, it was there! I had an opportunity to write a message on the back of the necklace, which I thought was cool. It made it more personal, instead of feeling like I was missing him and he’s no longer there, it was a memory of our time together. I wrote the words in present tense ie: I love you forever instead of I’ll love you forever. I think it has a different energy about it.

2014-02-04 19.12.13After wearing it around for a week or so, I definitely felt closer to Bastian, which made me happy, and there wasn’t a ton of grief energy for me, it was more about the memory of him and our time together. I would like to note that if you have sensitive skin, I would recommend checking to see which metal would best suit your needs.

I received the custom made cremation box pretty quickly as well.   One of the beautiful things was that this was photo 1handmade in the US by people who love animals.  I was impressed by the craftsmanship, as all the parts of the box were neatly put together.  They provided me with a nameplate, to which I had the opportunity to choose my own message which I also wrote in present tense.

I’m able now to honor Bastian and his ashes… I didn’t think it would be possible for me to feel happy about his ashes at all, but it really makes me feel good that they are in a beautiful box being honored and that I have a necklace to wear or place nearby holding a memory of our beloved time together.photo 2

If you are interested in more information about Everlasting Memories and the healing products they can provide, I encourage you to visit their website: http://www.evrmemories.com