Many people visit my blog during special holidays. I get the most hits during the winter holidays, father’s day, and of course, mother’s day. There’s something special about the day you celebrate your parents. So many memories can be wrapped up in these days… cards you gave your parents, special time you spent with them. So when these days come around and you don’t have them here physically to celebrate, you kind of feel left out.

This year instead of just writing one post about it, I’m going to post often about this topic to help all of us who are prepping for these holidays so that when they come around, we are prepared.


Step 1: Know the date.

This year, Mother’s Day 2012 is on May 13. That’s 7 weeks away, but you can start prepping by knowing what date it is.


Step 2: Brainstorm Ups.

I create things called “UPS”. UPS are things that you are guaranteed to feel good while doing them. Things like this for me are going on a rollercoaster ride @ Six Flags, doing art, visiting with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, talking to a friend, going out for a bike ride, going to dance class, playing outside, etc. Brainstorm what kinds of UPS you have in your life that are a guaranteed to have a great time and smile. Everyone is going to have different answers. I encourage you to post a comment of your ideas so you can inspire others; perhaps you can give someone an idea they might never thought of.

I’ll come back around and write more about this but I’d love to hear what some of your UP ideas.


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