Amazing things that have happened

1) I was asked to be a guest blogger

I was asked to blog for an great grief resource website called The Grief Toolbox . My first post is titled Mother’s Day Prep: The 3 Key Ingredients to Getting Through This Week.

2) Huffington Post links to Losing Your Parents!

I discovered that The Huffington Post linked to my Mother’s Day Prep blog post the bottom of this article, titled “How a Motherless Daughter Gets Through Mother’s Day by Jeryl Brunner”  in several places! LYP articles and Grief Toolbox Articles.

3) I was asked to be a guest blogger again!

Another great grief resource, The Fairview Grief Blog, posted this post that pulls in several of my Mother’s Day Prep posts Missing Your Mom on Mother’s Day

4) M Day is over! I made it through!

I received several emails over the past week regarding coping with Mother’s Day and losing parents. I am very thankful for these emails… One in particular was questioning the difference between selfishness and selflessness. This made me think about how I handled Mother’s Day. It’s quite possible that I could have handled mother’s day by sending every mother I know flowers and cards. It’s possible that I could have called and texted them, as I did the year before. This year, I kept to myself mostly and spent the evening with several other women who did not have moms either. We also celebrated my partner’s mom, who was lovingly with us. Lucky for Catherine she has her mom!

This was the right recipe for me. Self love, treating myself as lovingly as a young child, really just doing what I need to do for myself to take care emotionally. Other people will understand.