My dad had diabetes. I don’t think he ever really understood how serious it could be. One day his sugar levels got too high…. And he died. That was four days ago. Two days later, I helped plan his funeral. I never though that would be something I would when I was 16 years old. I keep thinking that someone should be taking pictures of the whole thing, like they do at birthday parties and Christmas.

I found the last card my dad ever gave me. It was a Christmas card.

Now everything reminds me of him. I never realized how much of my life relied on him until he was gone.

There are only two weeks until I’m supposed to be in my school play. I have my first solo, and my dad was so excited to come see it. But I guess he won’t now.

I’m still going to do the play though, because I know he would have wanted me to. I went back to rehearsal yesterday. I’m glad I did, because for the first time since I found out about my dad….. I felt normal. My mom kind of hovers, which I understand, but sometimes it can be overwhelming….. But at practice, after the initial shock at seeing me, they all treated me the same, and for a few hours I could just be a regular teenager hanging out with her friends.

That day gave me hope, that someday it might not hurt so much, and that one day I may even feel okay.

– Written by an anonymous guest blogger