3 years and 4 days it’s been since you’ve been gone. Yep, I still count, mom. I totally grieving for you today. Bobby’s going to be on the Discovery Channel tomorrow night. I feel like all of us had a hand in this. Him with the shop, me with the website, you with whatever you did to make that producer look at our craigslist ad for the Star Wars poster and get in touch. I’m missing you.

— The thing is, the only way I get the luxury of having a conversation with my mom is if I put something out there and I just know she’s listening somewhere, somehow… sucks to have one sided conversations, we’re so used to getting feedback from somewhere else, good or bad. Happy or sad.

Father’s day wasn’t hard for me, I was away visiting my brother and his family… so I focused on that. 5 days back from vacation and I’ve been feeling a little depressed, so I went for a jog (Catherine’s suggestion). It was beautiful! I listened to Florence & The Machine on Spotify.

So here’s your do if you like list:

Watch my brother on the Discover Channel tomorrow (Thursday) 6/28 10PM EST on the episode “Sink or Swim” on the show The Final Offer. His spot is the one with the Star Wars cards.

Check out his website BaseballCardsAndComics.com and perhaps buy something or simply show your support by sending him an email saying you enjoyed the show

Listen/Watch this video of “Never Let Me Go” by Florence and the Machine that makes me feel like my heart is flying around in my chest trying to get out. This album is haunting and grief healing for me all at the same time. This video reminds me of what grief feels like inside and how love can heal it (watch out, there’s a few parts in here that mimic something that looks like blood… but I think it’s really just very think/dirty black water).