Hello, I’m writing in a part of the internet where I feel no one I know will ever look and I’m writing anonymously so no one can ever be offended.

 I stumbled upon your webpage via a google search and before I begin let me say I’m sorry for your loss and you are a strong person to stay positive through the experience.

I’m 23 and last year I lost my father suddenly through a heart attack. This affected me terribly and I tried to help my widowed mother on top of dealing with my own grief. I felt like my world had collapsed and everything else was frivolous or meaningless. I tried very hard to bounce back and I did. I eventually hit the ground running. I’d landed a new job and moved into a new house.

One week after moving into my new home, my mother committed suicide. Because of the circumstances, I’ve had to deal with the police and CID. This has become very stressful. However, I did not find it hard to lose my mother. What I am finding hard is the act of thinking selfishly instead of selflessly. I am very unsure of these thoughts. They are very cliché. I hope one day I will lighten up and become fun to be around because at the moment I feel like a burden to everyone. I tell them not to bother phoning me, but really, I don’t have anyone I can relate to or open up to.

– Anonymous Guest Blogger


I’m sorry to hear about your lost. It must have been challenging on a thousand levels to try to start a new life and have this extreme tragedy with your mom so soon after your dad. I had a friend once who’s mom committed suicide when she was 14 and her dad died when she was 15… Suicide can really be a selfish act and I’m sorry this happened to you. I hope you do not blame yourself, because we can’t control the people we love and what’s going on inside them. We only have control over ourselves…

I hope you are trying to find a way through this difficult time. I think posting here on my site is a great start… it’s good to acknowledge your feelings so you can work through them.

If you ever feel like writing more anonymous posts, you can always go to GriefPost.com. It’s a place you can express yourself and it’s totally anonymous.
xo Lisa