I lost my Dad in 2003 on December 23rd.  I lost my Mom last year on December 26, 2011.  She asked the doctors to keep her alive until Christmas passed.  She knew that Xmas was never the same after Dad’s passing.  A dear friend told me that my parents must have been special people because they died during the holy time.  Both died from cancer.

I miss both of them dearly.  Your parents would be heartbroken to see you suffering from their passing. I truly believe that they are still with us in some form.  We have to accept so many awful things that life might throw our way, but it is how we deal with them.

This Christmas instead of being sad, celebrate the love that you all shared.  They want to see you happy again.  The last thing my mom said to each one of us was that she loved us.  I for one am going to thank the lord that he gave me such wonderful loving parents.  Many people have never experienced that.

Happy Holidays to all!

–  S. Decker