Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I think about it everyday… to be totally honest, I’ve been going through a little bit of a depression. I think it’s a combination of a bunch of things… Wintertime blues. Not getting enough sun. Not taking care of my emotional self and putting other people and things first. This is a good lesson because I’m beginning to find my way back and I feel like I can breathe a little easier. I’ve noticed that I’ve had a ton of anxiety lately and it’s due to a lot of factors which when put together feel like a dragon breathing inside me!  Much of anxiety can be controlled by taking some steps I’ve learned from my past.

1) Listen to the Power of Now or anything by Eckhart Tolle . He ALWAYS puts things into perspective for me…

2) Meditate. Do yoga or a meditation of some kind. Quiet space in the mind is necessary! I’ve had no time for this… funny… I have to schedule in time for meditation. But I know this will help with the anxiety. So… yeah, I’ll do that.

3) Doing Art. I was recently commissioned to do another custom painting for someone. I’m really excited about this! Basically what I do is someone will choose a size for their canvas, a color palate, and let me know what kind of energy they want me to channel, including music. I’m about 85% done with my current painting and it’s been SUCH A JOY for me! It has reminded me that depression is just a feeling and it can come and it can go because not one part of me allowed that depressive energy to flow into that painting. It was all about what the person was asking me to feel and channel and it’s all on the canvas. It’s this colorful, really fun piece and I would LOVE to share it here when I’m done.

4) Figuring out what is causing the anxiety and see what parts you can control. Another piece of anxiety for me has been I have so much work (what a blessing!) but I have felt like I’m constantly trying to catch up… so I thought to myself… what can I do? I’ve been making TO DO lists, hiring new developers, and trying to simply just stay in contact with those who want more work from me. Schedule things that can be scheduled.

Also, the place where I’m at, I can afford to not take on the kind of work stemming from stressed out individuals. I had several people approach me recently who were on a NYC deadline (anyone know what that feels like?) and wanted everything done like yesterday. I’ve learned my business flows enough where I have no need to take on work that feels like this and I can say No.

5) Saying NO! Easier said than done. Sometimes I just say yes to things in life without really thinking them through. So I’ve got to say no and just release the outcome of what they will think, do or say about me later. I have to take care of me! Although I have a partner, I have to rely on me to take care of me. Say no (for now)… or maybe… don’t always say yes because it’s easier or because you’re in the habit.

6) Prepping time sensitive things. I’ve been working on some tax prep stuff (that can be stressssssful!) and knowing I’m ahead of the game is helping with that.

7) Organizing my space. A disorganized space actually kind drives me nuts, yet I will live in it… why? My excuse is I don’t have time… so I need to make time. Every day I’ve been doing 1 thing to help organize a space that is driving me crazy. When I have a clean space, it feels calm to me.

8) Exercising. I need to move more. When I started to feel depressed, I didn’t want to do anything but I know for a fact that exercise is a great way to get those good feelings back inside your body. Your body produces hormones that make you feel happier when you move. So… I gotta move more. Are you moving?

What do you do when you’re feeling depressed to get yourself “back”?