I had a dream last night. I was in my childhood bedroom in Princeton Junction, NJ. My mom was laying on her back, on the floor. Something that I don’t think she ever did… Skin perfectly white. Soft. I told her I missed her kisses and skin. I kissed her cheek for what felt like a hundred times and still wasn’t enough. Told her I missed her. I knew telepathically that this is what I needed, and she did too. We talked to one another by simply thinking. This, in my opinion, was a visit.



I would categorize visits are actually times when you are awake and you see someone or when you have a dream and the person in front of you looks well. They are dressed as they used to be dressed, as you would recognized them. They usually look younger and are definitely healthy.

The interactions are usually positive. They tell you they are okay, that you will be too… you get to tell them that you miss them and possibly have a conversation… something I’m sure we all miss desperately. That connection of a back and forth conversation with our loved one.

Once I had a dream (visit) that I ate at Red Moon Pizza in Lawrenceville with my dad. It’s a place we went to weekly. I missed having pizza with him so much, so I feel like he made it happen! A week after the dream (visit), I decided to take a visit to Red Moon, totally alone. The owner, who knew my parents well because we came in so often, asked how my mom was doing. He knew my dad had died. Questions like that still surprise me… my mom’s only been gone for 3 years but for some reason I feel like everyone should know or something. I said sadly, “She’s gone, too. Cancer…”  I ordered a slice of plain pizza, like the good old days, and sat at a lonely orange table… reminiscing about the past (and my visit). In those moments I kind of felt sorry for myself and wondered if it was a good idea to come. Perhaps I wasn’t ready yet to do things like that…

Visits come in the form of dreams. The human brain can usually not comprehend anything other than what we visually see or prove with science… what about radio waves? How about the way I can send a text message to someone? Can’t see those waves, but know they are there. What about the unexplainable things in science that still occur anyway? (Here’s a list I found of some examples from NewScientist.com)

People visit us in dreams usually because it’s the safest way to do so for both people. We can’t control our dreams the way we can control our reality when we are awake, so we don’t try to control what we see in the dream. It’s the perfect environment for a soul, a spirit, or an energy to pay a visit. Next time you dream of a loved one and they look great and you have a good conversation with them, take it as a visit because that’s as close as you can get to physically being with them again.



Dreams are different. They can be more like nightmares. They usually involve unresolved things. I’ve had a ton of really gruesome dreams where my parents are dead but they are talking to me – but they are seriously not healthy. I fell like that’s some letting go stuff. Some disbelief stuff, like, did this really happen? Internally it’s so tragic. They are more like nightmares to me. Hospitals. Hospital Beds. Coffins where they sit up an talk to me. Really creepy stuff, but it’s the truth – it’s what happens sometimes. You dream creepy things. Stuff you don’t want to think about but your soul and mind need to work it out somehow.

For a lack of a better word, those nightmares are really sucky when they happen. That’s when I think some healthy stuff can be useful – painting an ugly picture that’s all black and grey and really putting your feelings on a canvas… Writing non stop for hours about how painful it is… then throwing it away or burning it…? All therapeutic ways of dealing with the hard stuff.

Can you think of other ways to deal with the hard stuff?

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