I was looking at some download stats today, and I was so excited to see that my e-book has been downloaded in the following 20 countries around the world:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Ireland
  5. Kuwait
  6. Viet Nam
  7. India
  8. Australia
  9. Japan
  10. Portugal
  11. Switzerland
  12. Philippines
  13. Pakistan
  14. Argentina
  15. Hong Kong
  16. Italy
  17. Venezuela
  18. Netherlands
  19. Guatemala
  20. Puerto Rico
  21. What’s next?!

Pretty cool 🙂 This book can be found at the Brooklyn Art Library or free to download, here . Send it to a friend.



“The Last Words Ever Spoken” A free book for you.

19 Pages, PDF

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About the Book:

This is a totally free digital book that inspire you to think outside the box.

Inspired by the death of both her parents during her 20’s, this book is dedicated to:

“… unborn children, those who have had pain, those who have lost a parent or two, this book’s for you. Dear you, who wants to rise above. Who wants to learn from your life experiences. Who wants to live another day and live it in joy. This book’s for you. Dear those who wonder what comes after this life. Who has ever wondered what kind of things my parents told me before they died or what the last words they ever spoke were, this book is for you. Dear me, These have been great life lessons. Here’s to the many more xo Lisa”