First of all, happy 2012!

Second of all, I’m SUPER excited! 2 minutes ago, I was entry #3,013 of 5,000 to participate in a world wide collaborative art project called THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT LIMITED EDITION VOL 1.

The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Vol. 1 is a collaborative series of art books created by 5,000 artists from around the world.

Anyone — from anywhere in the world — can participate in the project. You can sign up to receive a blank sketchbook in the mail, then fill it up and send it back by APRIL 30, 2012. Our work will be cataloged in the Brooklyn Art Library (In New York City) and published in the Limited Edition art book series.

I signed up for the package which includes:

  • Entry to the Project
  • Official Project sketchbook
  • Cataloged in the Library
  • Exhibited in New York City
  • Your artwork included in the printed book

It was $25 + $2 shipping fee for the sketch book.

I had to chose a theme. I thought of my blog, my life experiences, and have chosen the theme “The last word ever spoken”. I am really excited about this. I can’t wait to get my book in the mail! (bee tee dubs, They have other price points).

I encourage you to participate and express yourself! I got a code at the end of my purchase, you can save $2 by adding the code ADDAFRIEND.

I’m thinking I might be open to sharing some of the things I doodle in the book either as I go, or maybe before I submit… We shall see how I feel!


The Brooklyn Art Library archives your sketchbook and exhibits it to the public. Our storefront reading room hosts the Limited Edition exhibition and makes your sketchbook available to patrons from all over the world — right in the heart of Brooklyn.

Since opening its doors in 2010, the Library has quickly become a cultural hub for our vibrant neighborhood. Visit us any time — we’re open seven days a week — and watch as creative people from all walks of life draw inspiration from your work by exploring the collection. Whether you live down the block or across the world, the Brooklyn Art Library is always your home away from home in New York City.