It’s been a while since I’ve written. I thought I would have all the time in the world to write for hours upon hours on my cross country journey from Ewing, New Jersey to Portland, Oregon… but alas, I was deep in the heart of moving passed fear after fear, being driver support, dealing with RV woes, eating, sleeping, trying to see family and friends along the way, launching an online membership course and an iPhone app all at once. Oh yeah, and my favorite cat in the world, Bastian, died while we were traveling.

It all started like this. The MOMENT we got our RV.

It all started like this. The MOMENT we got our RV.

My heart was broken into a thousand pieces, everyday a stretch for sanity, living and working remotely out of a ’95 Fleetwood Flair RV… so I thought I would have time to write and the truth is, I probably had the time but the mental space and the creative energy was just not there! Many people romanticized what leaving an old life after cleaning up your parents stuff and crossing the country would be like, including us… little did we know it would be the hardest thing we’d ever do! The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual boundaries we had to shift were infinite and felt enormous. On top of everything I mentioned, grieving my beloved feline while attempting to perform miracles was exhausting, I was honestly stretched beyond every limit I could possible have imagined. But I am proud to say I did it… *WE* did it…!! And we will never again have these experiences again.

Here’s some fun stats:

As of 12/20/13

States visited: 16

State lines crossed: 20

Miles driven: 6,313

McDonalds seen: 208

Time on the Road: 7.5 weeks

We shared much of our trip in a visual expression on the website I put together, I have a lot to share about this trip… I’m still processing it, so you might find me from time to time writing about it… BTW, we’re still living in the RV while we wait for closing on the NEW HOUSE we are buying (first house ever – yeay!). I have vowed and fantasied about the empty house we’re coming into, being able to carefully chose items that I want to have in our home, not items that were left behind with bitter / strange memories. I’m excited!! Only 26 more days.

In other related news: I recently finished my Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project and it will be starting it’s journey in Brooklyn and going on TOUR in the Pacific North West in 2014! I’ve also opted-in for digitizing via the library, so I might be able to share it somehow online. We shall see!