I spent a few years creating a Podcast called Losing Your Parents.

I’ve turned this into one downloadable file
of 35 episodes (mp3s) ranging from 15 minutes to an hour.

Get all 35 talks for $29

Here are all the topics that are covered:

Interview with Dr. Deborah S. Derman, Ph.D.

Interview with Sergio Alemdariz

Interview with Sasha Rose Hamrogue

Interview with Rachel Stephenson

Interview with Margo Rose from BodyAwareGrieving.com

Fall Changes, Halloween and Death

Low Energy & Fatigue

Committing to Change

The Importance of Self Care!

Grieving Michfest: The End of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

Who Are Your 5 Star Advisors?

What is Parent Loss Coaching?

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Using the Car Dealership as a Dad

Birthdays without Parents

Father’s Day & Mom’s Death Anniversary

Working at home & the toll grief takes on income

The Ache of Loneliness Without Your Parents

Starting the wedding process without parents

Dealing with Disappointment

Who would I be if I practiced yoga & meditation everyday?

Doing Mother’s Day Differently

“Dear Motherless Daughter, My Wish for you on Mother’s Day”

Preparing for Mother’s Day

Grieving the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival as Our Mother

Releasing Negative Patterns Our Parents Set Up For Us

How to Feel Feelings All The Way Through to Completion

Got Flashbacks?

Real Stories & Post Traumatic Stress with Fig Ally

Lost mother at 16: Interview with AutoStraddle Writer Maddie Taterka – “This is a Dead Mom Essay.”

THE GETTING ORGANIZED SERIES Part 5: eBay & Your Parents Estate-Is eBay the right tool for you?

THE GETTING ORGANIZED SERIES Part 4: Craigslist & Your Parents Estate-How to Use Craiglist for Selling Stuff

THE GETTING ORGANIZED SERIES Part 3: How to decide to keep, donate, recycle, sell or throw away items from your parents estate

THE GETTING ORGANIZED SERIES Part 2: What to do with parents stuff after they die

THE GETTING ORGANIZED SERIES Part 1: What to do with parents stuff after they die

What do you do with old photos, audio, or video?

What’s On Your Bucket List?

Forgiving Ourselves

“I’ll never again…” Things You Think About After a Parent Dies

People That Remind You of Your Parents

New Years Intentions

Missing Your Parents at Christmas + The Songs That Remind Us of Them

How to communicate with deceased parents

Missing Your Parents During the Holidays

Grief Eating & Weight Gain

The Guilt We Carry

Love, Rejection & Thanksgiving

What do I do on Thanksgiving?

How to Cope with Birthday Triggers


What is Chosen Family?

What the Hell, Feelings?

Tips for Feeling Alive, Liberated & Free After The Death of a Parent”

Becoming Present & Parenting Yourself